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Women in TECH with Ariana Podcast

Connect With Our Podcast Guests 

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Bukola Somide

The Power of Beliving in Yourself with Bukola Somide

On this week's episode of Women in Tech with Ariana, we have special guest, Bukola Somide. Bukola is the inventor of the world's very first interactive computer science doll, Somi and the founder of Inovat Technologies. She’s been featured in News One, Black Enterprise, AfroTech, Face2FaceAfrica to name a few.. Tune into this episode to learn how Bukola built her companies and is trailblazing through the world of tech. 

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Attorney Evans 

How She Beat A Billionaire, Legal Tips for Startups

Are you FINALLY thinking of patenting your next big idea or filing for a trademark? On this episode of #WomenInTechWithAriana I sat down and talked with Attorney Evans. She’s giving legal advice to startups and small business owners, and sharing her infamous story of how she beat the Billionaire #DrDre in a case back in 2018.  Share this episode with your close friends who are creatives and have ideas but need legal guidance! 


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Chrissy LeMaire 

#1 Cajun Recipe Site & Automating Thousands of SQL Server Tasks At Once

Chrissy LeMaire  is an author, engineer, and founder. Chrissy is the creator and maintainer of dbatools.io. An open-source platform that automates tasks for thousands of SQL servers at once and allows the migration of an entire SQL server using just the command line. Chrissy is also an automation engineer and the co-founder of realCajunRecipes.com, the #1 Cajun recipe website in the world. She is the Author of the Book, Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches . Her book provides a practical hands-on guide to automating SQL Server with PowerShell and the dbatools module.


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Emily Robinson 

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Jacqueline Nolis

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Emily Robinson & Jacqueline Nolis

Start a Career in Data Science with Emily & Jacqueline

Jacqueline & Emily are both the co-authors of their  book, Build a Career in Data Science. Their book, is a complete guide to help you navigate from getting your first data science job to quickly becoming a senior employee.  Jacqueline & Emily are Industry experts and lay out the soft skills you’ll need alongside your technical know-how to succeed in the data science field.




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Carolyn Yarina

Carolyn Yarina: Raising $3M & Enabling Clinicians to Impact Millions of Lives

Tune in to this episode to hear from Carolyn Yarina. Carolyn is the CEO and co-founder of Sisu Global. Sisu Global is a medical device company that holds the pending intellectual property for their product, Hemafuse. The Hemafuse is a handheld, mechanical device for intraoperative autotransfusion of blood collected from an internal hemorrhage, meant to replace or augment donor blood in emergency situations. Carolyn is a part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2020 for healthcare and shares her journey of successfully starting Sisu Global and raising $3M for the company. 

Learn More about Sisu Global 


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Cornelia Davis 

Cornelia Davis talks Cloud-Native Patterns & Designing Software

Cornelia is the Chief Technology Officer of Weaveworks, the leading provider of operational (#gitops), Kubernetes-based solutions. Cornelia has more than 25 years of experience as a software technologist and helps to drive technical strategy, product development and go to market, and to help customers leverage said technology to further their business goals.

Cornelia is the author of Cloud-Native Patterns, Designing change-tolerant software. Cornelia's book serves as your guide to developing strong applications that thrive in the dynamic, distributed, virtual world of the cloud. The book presents a mental model for cloud-native applications, along with the patterns, practices, and tooling that set them apart. 




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Kathryn Jurick

Director of Design 

White House, United States Digital Service

Kathryn Jurick serves the White House as the Director of Design for the United States Digital Service (USDS), formerly known as Obama’s White House Tech Startup.

The USDS is an elite #technology unit housed within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. It provides consultation services to federal agencies on information technology.

Kat has two decades of experience as a User Researcher and Designer and has previously worked for companies like Microsoft, SalesForce, Starbucks, and more.




Flaka Mahmuti

Flaka Mahmuti, Navigating Tech as a Mom, Engineer, & Immigrant

Flaka is an C-Sharp.(NET) developer, Mom Boss, and Certified Data Scientist and reliable Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. 

Tune into this episode to learn more about Flaka's journey through technology. 

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Ana Bell PhD.

MIT's Ana Bell shares her tech journey, practical learning strategies, and her book!

Ana Bell is a lecturer in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ana received her Bachelor in Applied Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She received her MA and Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her research was in computational biology, specifically using computational techniques to answer the questions: what do genes do, and how do genes interact with each other and other small molecules? She discovered her passion for teaching after being appointed as a teaching assistant for two semesters for Introduction to Computer Science, at Princeton University. Ana is also the author of: Get Programming, Learn to code with Python, a book that helps to teach people how to code in Python.




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Checkout EDx the free online platform to learn from lectures from MIT and Harvard


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Veronica Young

Code for America's Veronica Young

Veronica has dedicated her career to cultivating and activating civic engagement in government and our electoral systems. Currently, Veronica serves as Brigade Program Manager, Western Region for the Code for America Brigade Network. The Brigade Network spans nearly 80 chapters of over 20,000 volunteers across the country, and is made up of engineers, developers, designers, community organizers, and engaged community members.


Brigade members create open source technology that benefits their communities by working with local government and partnering with local organizations to ensure residents can access government services easily and effectively. Prior to joining Code for America, Veronica worked on national, state, and local campaigns and elections specializing in increasing voter turnout. She served on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, and as a consultant in Washington, DC. "



Learn More About Code for America Here

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Kendra Gaunt

Kendra Gaunt from the United State of Women Organization

Kendra is a seasoned analyst in technical product development with a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida. She works with global organizations to connect conscious design, interaction, and technology to fulfill the experience of the user. 


Her passion for advocating on behalf of underrepresented groups in STEM fields is a guiding light in her journey. Dedicated to bridging the gaps between perception, knowledge, and mentorship – Kendra provides thoughtful communication and technical acumen to facilitate evolution in these spaces.



Click to Listen to Kendra's story on the Women in TECH Podcast here


Click here to Learn More about The United State of Women


Click here to learn about the Women In Tech International Organizations.


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Naomi Ceder 

Naomi Ceder, Chair of the Python Software Foundation & Co-Founder of TransCode

Naomi Ceder is the Chair of the Python Software Foundation non-profit corporation that holds intellectual property rights and manages the open source licensing for Python. Naomi is the Co-founder of Transcode, the United Kingdom’s first hack event series focused solely on drawing attention to transgender issues and opportunities. Naomi is the author of The Quick Python Book that gives instructions and exercises on how to code in python.


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Link to Python Software Foundation


Link to Trans Code  


Link to Pycon


This podcast episode is sponsored by Manning Publications Company.


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Charlotte Chiang

Missfits Develops AI to Help Women Find Matching Bra

Charlotte Chiang is the founder of Missfits. Missfits solves the problem of ill-fitting bras for women across the globe. She is a recent graduate of the Techstars Accelerator Program and has raised over $100,000 in pre-seed funding for her startup.  Charlotte currently resides in Milan, Italy and has traveled all over the world for her career. 



Click to Listen to Charlotte's story on the Women in TECH Podcast here.


Take Missfits Quiz to find your bra size and shape. 

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