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3 Things You Didn't Know A Black Woman Invented Part 2

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Welcome to part 2 of the Wallway Technologies, Black History Month Tech series (#BHMTech). We are highlighting a series of black women who've created inventions in the tech industry. Don't forget to like and comment your thoughts on this series below and share with a friend!

INVENTOR #4: Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Greene

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation

(a.k.a. a cure for cancer)

2018 BET HER FIGHTS: Breast Cancer Honoree Dr. Hadiyah Nicole-Greene

Inspired by her Aunt, Mrs. Ora Lee Smith's unfortunate journey with cancer, Dr. Greene set out on a mission to not only discover a cure for cancer but one that would cause no observable side-effects to patients. Unlike any other cancer treatment, Dr. Green's Laser-Activated NanoTherapy (LANT) is a patent-pending cancer treatment that shows no signs of side effects in mice and completely eradicates tumors in only 15 days with 1 single treatment that lasts for 10 minutes with no chemo or radiation.


The treatment can be applied to many different cancer types such as breast, skin, brain, colorectal, prostate, and a variety of inoperable chemo-resistant cancers. Because of Dr. Greene's discovery of LANT there, will be no need for radio or chemotherapy for cancer patients! Currently, the treatment is not available for human trials, which is why Dr. Greene needs our help!

Dr. Greene will be moving her lab into a hospital and phase one of this process costs an estimated $10M. She is currently raising money through grants, speaking engagements, and small donors to accomplish this goal. The cure to cancer is quite personal for Dr. Greene and she is on a mission to ensure that humane treatment is provided to cancer-patients with the care that is accessible, affordable, and effective. Please donate and support the work of Dr. Greene by clicking this link!

Photo by: Chameriya Moncrief, LinkedIn

INVENTOR #5: Chaymeriyia Moncrief

Tesix Wireless and NSPRE Electronics

(sis literally created a whole electronics and cell phone service company)

Okay... but seriously. Every time I think of Chaymeria Moncrief I quite literally want to FAINT!!!

Chaymeria Moncrief is the Millennial Founder and CEO of Tesix Wireless and NSPRE Electronics. In 2018 and at the age of 24, Moncrief turned down a $4.4M offer to buy Tesix Wireless and instead raised over $5M and ended the year 2019 with a $10M evaluation for Tesix. The Tesix Wireless Network covers 98% of Americans with 4G LTE and the 5G network.

Impact Magazine 2020

The Tesix Wireless Network is a prepaid wireless network that targets millennial customers who are looking for a straightforward approach for their cell phone bill. Tesix Wireless offers 2 different monthly cell phone provider plans. One with unlimited talk, text, and international texting and the other a "pay as you go" model for the customer who doesn't use as much data per month.

Moncrief didn't stop with only offering telecommunications services but in 2020 went on to launch NSPRE Electronics and the brand's very first smartphone the NSPRE™ NX Pro 2020. The phone was released in July of 2020, comes in 3 different colors, is 6.3 inches long, has a triple camera feature, and can hold up to 256 Upgradable space!

Check out Tesix Wireless or Follow Moncrief on Instagram by clicking here!

INVENTOR #6: De'Aira Bryant

Computer Scientist and Researcher

De'Aira Bryant is a fourth-year computer science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology for Intelligent Systems. She is conducting research in Human-Robot Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthcare Robotics. Bryant uses her Instagram account to document her Ph.D. journey with her followers and fans.

Photo from De'Aira Bryant's Instagram

The video you just watched above is a clip of "Salt", one of the robots that Bryant researches at the Georgia Tech Lab, doing the viral social media dance challenge, Corvette by rapper Popp Hunna featuring Lil Uzi Vert. This video only portrays a glimpse of Bryant's pure genius, hard work, and research. Outside of using AI to make robots dance, the computer scientist has also done research studying how social robots motivate students to practice math, examining the aspects of trust between humans and robots for therapy, and understanding how the effect of Robot Gendering and Occupational Stereotypes Human Trust and Perceived Competency. We can't wait to see the next discoveries that Bryant will show to the world and hopefully another viral dancing video with more robots!

Check out De'Aira's website or Connect with De'Aira on Instagram

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