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How China Is Using Cloud Gaming

The future of home and mobile gaming could be determined by China and its adoption of 5G services. Ubitus K.K, the leader in cloud gaming technology worldwide have partnered up with telecommunication service provider, China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited in Hong Kong to provide gamers with the next generation of cloud gaming services.

In addition to CMHK involvement with cloud gaming, the multi-national Chinese company Tencent have also been working on a cloud gaming service for gamers in Asia. These cloud gaming services will battle it out against Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is a gaming platform through which players can play high-end console and PC games without requiring expensive graphics hardware. Players are able to play these games using gaming controllers along with computers and/or mobile devices that are connected to the cloud gaming service.

When gamers play a game through a cloud gaming service, the signal from their controllers is transmitted to remote servers hosted by the cloud gaming provider. This signal is then conveyed to the remote gaming hardware that does all the heavy graphic processing related to the game. The graphics produced by these servers are then transmitted back to the gamer’s location and are displayed on their TVs or mobile devices.

The games are essentially running on these remote servers while the gameplay is broadcast back to the player. This makes it easier for gamers without expensive gaming consoles or gaming PCs to play high-end games on ordinary devices that wouldn’t be capable of playing such games otherwise.

Cloud gaming services typically rely on the internet to transmit controller input signals to the servers and to broadcast gameplay back to gamers, therefore, graphics quality and the lag between your controller’s input and the graphical response (known as latency) will depend on your internet speed.

Players with slow internet connections often have difficulty playing games on cloud gaming servers due to lowered graphics quality and high latency (i.e: longer delays between controller input and graphical response) from their poor internet.

How China will revolutionize cloud gaming

Cloud gaming services were previously introduced by Google and Microsoft; however, these services failed to take off due to internet speed limitations that often resulted in gamers experiencing pixelated graphics and laggy gameplay.

China is poised to become a leader in cloud gaming services due to its heavy investment in 5G. This internet technology is believed to be faster than existing 4G technology and should enable players to play graphics intensive games on cloud gaming servers with minimal graphics and latency issues.

Many Chinese brands are already selling 5G handsets, so it will be easy for millions of players in the country to use cloud gaming services in the future. China’s adoption of 5G will make it a leader in cloud gaming services and enable it to make strides in areas where other countries fell short.

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