Clean Your Tech the Wallway! The Wallway Tech Cleaning Kit can be used to clean technology devices such as: laptops, keyboards, cell phones, and computer monitors. The Wallway Tech Cleaning Kit comes with one, 2oz bottle of Wallway Tech Cleaner and one reusable, washable, microfiber rag.


The Wallway Tech cleaner was invented by millennial, serial entrepreneur, technologist , and global podcast host, Ariana Waller. Ariana is the founder of Wallway Technologies. A technology development firm that helps non-technical founders and business owners develop tech solutions. Learn more about ariana and her journey through tech at


Wallway Tech Cleaning Kit


Step 1:  Take a before picture of your dirty device.

Step 2: Shake the solution 

Step 3: Spray 2-3 spritz of the Wallway Tech Cleaner directly on microfiber rag. DO NOT directly spray the Wallway Tech Cleaner onto the technolgoy device.

Step 4: Gently wipe your device in a downard motion 

Step 5: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and share your before and after picture.