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Attorney Evans 

How She Beat A Billionaire, Legal Tips for Startups

Are you FINALLY thinking of patenting your next big idea or filing for a trademark? On this episode of #WomenInTechWithAriana I sat down and talked with Attorney Evans. She’s giving legal advice to startups and small business owners, and sharing her infamous story of how she beat the Billionaire #DrDre in a case back in 2018.  Share this episode with your close friends who are creatives and have ideas but need legal guidance! 


Chrissy LeMaire Social Media-2.png

Chrissy LeMaire 

#1 Cajun Recipe Site & Automating Thousands of SQL Server Tasks At Once

Chrissy LeMaire  is an author, engineer, and founder. Chrissy is the creator and maintainer of dbatools.io. An open-source platform that automates tasks for thousands of SQL servers at once and allows the migration of an entire SQL server using just the command line. Chrissy is also an automation engineer and the co-founder of realCajunRecipes.com, the #1 Cajun recipe website in the world. She is the Author of the Book, Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches . Her book provides a practical hands-on guide to automating SQL Server with PowerShell and the dbatools module.


FREE access codes to Chrissy LeMaire's book: Learn dbatools in a Month of Lunches. 

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Emily & Jacqueline Podcast Episode.png

Start a Career in Data Science with

Emily & Jacqueline

Jacqueline & Emily are both the co-authors of their  book, Build a Career in Data Science. Their book, is a complete guide to help you navigate from getting your first data science job to quickly becoming a senior employee.  Jacqueline & Emily are Industry experts and lay out the soft skills you’ll need alongside your technical know-how to succeed in the data science field.



5 FREE access codes to Emily & Jacqueline's books Build a Career in Data Science.

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Cornelia Davis Women's History Month -3.

Cornelia Davis talks Cloud-Native Patterns & Designing Software

Free E-Book 

Cornelia is the author of Cloud-Native Patterns, Designing change-tolerant software. Cornelia's book serves as your guide to developing strong applications that thrive in the dynamic, distributed, virtual world of the cloud. The book presents a mental model for cloud-native applications, along with the patterns, practices, and tooling that set them apart. 




5 FREE access codes to Cornelia Davis's book: Cloud-Native Patterns, Designing change-tolerant software.

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WIT with Ariana Cover Photo.png

$50,000 Grant Opportunity, Ariana's in Forbes

In this episode, Ariana talks about 2 grant opportunities for for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. On February 14th 2020, Ariana was featured in a Forbes article for the awesome impact that Women in Tech with Ariana is making around the world. Additionally, Women in Tech with Ariana will be at SXSW in partnership with Michigan House, let us know if you will be in attendance! 

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WomensNet Logo.jpg

$4,000 Grant Opportunity

Amber Grant Fund

The amber grant foundation is brought to you by The Women's Net Foundation in honor of Amber Wigdahl. A young woman who passed the way at the age of 19 years old. In honor of Amber, the Women Net foundation launched the Amber Grant. 


The Amber Grant application is due by February 29th, 2020.  



WIT Festival.png
This festival is put on by the non-profit organization, Silicon Valley Forum.

Women in Tech Festival 

Episode 23

Silicon Valley Forum’s annual Women in Tech Festival celebrates women in STEM, business, and leadership who work to inspire, engage, and empower other women. The Women in Tech Festival invites ALL women (as well as anyone who supports the advancement of women and believes in the importance of diversity) to join together for two full days of inspiring talks, startup pitches, thought-provoking discussions, educational workshops, and career mentorship sessions.

At the Women in Tech Festival, you’ll create lasting connections and exchange ideas in a welcoming, supportive and fun environment.


Early Ticket Sales are until January 4th! 



Startup Grind, #1 Conference for Innovators

Startup Grind Logo.jpg

Episode 21

Global 2020 is the most important event for startups, tech leaders, and big brands at the forefront of innovation. 10,000 people from around the globe converge on Silicon Valley for 2-days of nonstop education, inspiration, and invaluable networking spanning 10 stages, 100+ sessions, and social events. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a founder in the midst of the grind, or an innovator looking for what’s next - there’s something for everyone.

StartupGrind always has an amazing line up of speakers, here are a few that will certainly knock your socks off: Jennifer Hyman, CEO & CoFounder of Rent the Runway, The Chief Product Officer of Adobe, Delane Parnell, Founder & CEO PlayVS and so much more! 

Bumble Fund Logo.png

$50K Funding Opportunity for Female Founders

Episode 15 

This fund is backed by world-renown athlete and investor, Serena Williams.

The Bumble Fund began in 2018 with a mission to build a bigger table in the world of venture capital, investing early-stage and focusing primarily on businesses founded and led by women of color and other underrepresented groups. 


The Bumble fund is looking for Companies with founders who are underrepresented in the venture capital ecosystem.


Types of Companies Bumble Looks For:

  • Companies with founders who are underrepresented in the venture capital ecosystem

  • Early-stage companies (Seed or Series A)

  • Companies solving a problem that disproportionately affects women

  • Average check size of $25-50k with flexibility depending on the needs of the business


Application Deadline: There is no application deadline!



afrotech logo.png

Are you going to Afro Tech this year? 

Episode 11

AfroTech is a 4 day experience for black techies, entrepreneurs, and startups to connect, learn, and empower the culture through technology. Over 6000 attendees will travel to California this year to be a part of this rare opportunity for black creatives, engineers, and business owners. 

There are 3 areas of focus during the conference: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering & Design. This year the conference will be held in Oakland, California at the Oakland Convention Center. November 7th - 10th 2019. 


This years speakers include high profile guests such as, 

Charlamagne Tha God, Co-Host on The Breakfast Club,  

Delane Parnell Founder and CEO, PlayVSMichael Seibel

CEO and Partner at Y Combinator, Mandela, CEO of founders gym and more. 

sxsw logo.png

Pitch at SXSW 

Episode 9 

SXSW is a 10-day experience with a series of festivals and conferences that focus and celebrate on film, music, tech, and other industries. More than 300,000 people attend SXSW, during the month of March, every year in the beautiful city of Austin Texas. 


The SXSW Pitch showcases innovative new technology to a panel of industry experts, high-profile media professionals, venture capital investors, and angel investors. This pitch competition Started in 2009 and since then Alumni from the SXSW pitch competition have raised over $6.6 billion in funding. 


Deadlines to know


1. Early Deadline: September 6th 2019 

2. Final Deadline November 15th 2019 


Every year SXSW selects 50 companies that fall between 10 categories: 


So if you have a business or idea within any of the following categories you will qualify: 


  1. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, & Voice 

  2. Augmented & Virtual Reality 

  3. Blockchain 

  4. Consumer Technology & Consumer Packaged Goods 

  5. Enterprise & Smart Data 

  6. Entertainment & Content 

  7. Health, Wearables, & Wellbeing 

  8. Innovative World Technologies 

  9. Smart Cities, Transportation, & Logistics 

  10. Social & Culture




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