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3 Things You Didn't Know A Black Woman Invented Part 3

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

This is the finale of the Wallway Technologies, Black History Month Tech series (#BHMTech). This month we wanted to highlight a series of black women who've created inventions in the tech industry. Like, comment, and share with your friends!

INVENTOR #7: Sarah E. Goode

The "Folding" Cabinet Bed

This is an image of Ms. Sarah E. Goode (1855-1905). She was the first African-American woman to ever receive a patent in the United States and the inventor of the cabinet bed. Ms. Goodman was born a slave in Toledo, Ohio, and would later receive her freedom after the civil war.

Later in life Ms. Goode moved to Chicago with her husband, Archibald, had 6 children, and became an entrepreneur by making and selling furniture. In 1885 Goode Received a patent for the folding "Cabinet Bed" (patent picture below). During the day her clients could use the Cabinet bed as a desk and at night it would unfold into a full bed for customers to sleep on. In 1855, Goode was awarded a patent for the invention becoming the first African-American woman to do so.

Official patent drawings from Google Patents Search Engine, 1885

INVENTOR #8: Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene

Vending Kiosk (Smart Vending Machines)

Photo from popcom.shop

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene is personally one of my all-time favorite CEO's and inventors. Dawn Dickson is the CEO of PopCom. A tech company on the mission of creating software that revolutionizes the vending machine industry utilizing Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition, and blockchain technology. On September 15th, 2020, Dickson was awarded her first patent, US Patent #D896310 for the design of the PopShop, Dawn Dickson, DawnDickson.Me Vending Kiosk.

PopCom's technology is quite revolutionary. Imagine no longer needing a grocery store associate to check your ID for buying a bottle of your favorite red wine on a Friday night but instead, you are using Ms. Dickson's patented technology to complete your shopping? I would imagine that in the future, Dickson's invention will be used for highly regulated products such as alcoholic beverages, cannabinoid products, state auto tags, renewing driver's licenses, and etc. So far Dickson has raised over $1M for PopCom and is currently in the middle of another raise and as of the date, Friday, February 12th, she has raised an additional $780,000 for the company. Follow Dawn Dickson Akpoghene on Instagram and Read More about PopCom here.

Photo by Michael Potuck, `9To5MAC

INVENTOR #9 : Nashlie Sephus, PhD

KITT Labs, Jxn Tech District, and PartPic

Dr. Sephus is simply dope, just all-around amazing!! Dr. Sephus is well known for previously being the Chief Technology Officer of Partpic. Partpic was an Atlanta based startup company that was acquired by Amazon in 2016. Partpic utilized image recognition technology and visual search to allow shoppers to easily search for particular parts in the Amazon shopping app.

Recently Dr. Sephus purchased 12 acres with 8 buildings and counting in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, for what Dr. Sephus calls, The Jxn Tech District. The Jxn Tech District will be a

Photo by phenomenash.org

mixed-used development that includes: Art & Innovation Station, Entrepreneur Center, Technology Labs, Co-Working/Private Office Spaces, a bar lounge cafe, and more. Dr. Sephus is also the CEO and founder of The Bean Path. The Bean Path is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides technical advice and guidance to small business owners and persons in the community of Jackson, Mississippi. The nonprofit offers grants, scholarships, coding programs, office hours at local libraries, and more for the Jackson Community. We can basically sum this entire section up by saying Dr. Sephus is straight-up "GOALS"!

Follow Dr. Sephus on Instagram and check out Dr. Sephus's website.

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Ariana Waller is a technologist, keynote speaker, global tech podcast host of Women in Tech with Ariana, and the CEO of Wallway Technologies technology consulting and development firm. Learn more about Ariana here.

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